Nationals 2015


WOW!!! What a weekend.  I hope that you were able to view from at some point over the weekend but if not here are some highlights from the weekend.  


Apart from working incredibly hard up to the contest the band performed exceptionally well during the competition and as an organisation was are so proud of each and every member of the band and support team.   
We must thank our wonderful conductor who not only made the performances exceptional but also managed to make it to all but 2 rehearsals while being pregnant.  Thank you so much Louisa for all of your hard work and persistence during out Nationals build up.  We wish you the best while you are on Maternity leave but we will see you again in November. 

In the mean time Danny Deilkens will be taking the band while Louisa is taking some much needed leave.  Danny has been a member  for 2 years and he has shown passion and commitment and we are looking forward to the time that he has in front of the band.  Good luck Danny!

Nationals results breakdown:

Hymn - 36pts = 11th 
Test - 184pts = 12th
Own Choice - 193pts = 4th
Stage March - 43pts = tied 3rd

Total = 456pts = 7th


Street March -  A big thanks must go to Tyron for his efforts to help us win the street march for 2015! Well done Tyron.

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