Feds Represent at QSEC 2015

On the 27th June 2015 at the Queensland Solo and Ensemble Championships held at Brisbane Girls Grammar Nathaniel Griffiths, Liam Thomas, Neale Connor and Robin Lacey represented the South Brisbane Federal Band with style and musicality that we are all very proud of.  On the day we are extremely pleased to announce that Nathaniel Griffiths won the Open Euphonium event with Liam Thomas receiving a third place in the same event.  Robin Lacey one of our more mature members received an incredible score of 90 in the Veterans Solo Event playing the very well known Carnival of Venice.  Neale Connor, currently our youngest Fed entered the Open Bass Tuba Eb/F Event and was awarded 2nd place by only 1 point. Liam and Nathaniel also entered in the Open Ensemble and won with a Euphonium Duet, luckily for Liam also played in a Quartet that placed second on the day as well.  Congratulations to all participants and volunteers on the day of the competition, we are all very proud of you and we look forward to hearing more members next year at the Queensland Solo and Ensemble Championships in 2016.  Congratulations boys - Feds for Life! #fedsforlife

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